Vacuum Pump Vane

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The Vacuum Pump Vane (#29331-24010), a pivotal Engine-Fuel component, plays a significant role in the Vacuum Pump system of a vehicle. As the engine operates, the Vane is engaged, creating a pressure differential within the pump system to aid in fuel combustion and engine cooling. Genuine Toyota Vacuum Pump Vane (#29331-24010) parts, designed for compatibility, are integral to maintaining the vehicle's functionality. These vanes do wear out over time. When this occurs, the pump's effectiveness is reduced, leading to potential issues such as poor engine performance or even damage due to overheating. Genuine Toyota parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Consequently, the Vacuum Pump Vane (#29331-24010) is a key player in maintaining the overall efficiency and safety of the vehicle's engine, making its periodic replacement crucial.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 29331-24010

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