Heater Radiator Assembly

About this product

The Heater Radiator Assembly (#87150-60560), an essential part of the Heating & Air Conditioning - Heater Unit & Blower system, plays a pivotal role in managing the heating system of a Toyota vehicle. It works by transferring heat from the engine coolant that circulates through it to the car's interior, effectively maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature. The Heater Radiator Assembly (#87150-60560) comprises of several parts that work in unison including ducts, blower motor, and resistors. As such, the wear and tear of these components necessitate periodic replacements. Neglecting this can lead to a defective heating system, causing discomfort and potentially compromising cabin defrosting operations. Genuine Toyota Heater Radiator Assembly (#87150-60560) parts offer ideal compatibility and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In essence, a fully functional Heater Radiator Assembly (#87150-60560) ensures efficient heating system performance, contributing to comfort and safety of vehicle operations.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 87150-60560

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