Camera Wire Harness Cover

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The Camera Wire Harness Cover (#8646A-47010), an electrical part in the Lane-Keeping Assist system, plays a pivotal role in protecting the wires transmitting data from the camera to the vehicle's computer system. This part envelops the wire harness, guarding it from potential physical or environmental damage while the car is in operation, thus ensuring the smooth flow of information. Over time, this cover may wear down, creating a risk of wire exposure or damage that could impede the system's functionality. Consequently, periodic replacement of the genuine Toyota part is essential for vehicle compatibility and maintaining the system's efficiency. Each genuine part is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, adding an extra layer of security. In sum, the Camera Wire Harness Cover (#8646A-47010) is crucial in safeguarding the integrity of the Lane-Keeping Assist system, enhancing its reliability and overall safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 8646A-47010

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