Bed Cleats - Black

The Importance of Utilizing Toyota Bed Cleats - Black Genuine Parts

Bed Cleats require Deck Rail System

Secure your gear and head out with confidence, knowing that each bed cleat will hold up to 110 lb.

  • Fully adjustable, the bed cleat slides along the vehicle’s bed rail system using a spring-loaded, twist/locking clamp to hold it in place
  • Made of sturdy black-nylon material, each bed cleat measures approximately 6 x 1in.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT278-35111;PT278-35112;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111;PT278-35111 More
Number Of Pieces 1
Part Number PT278-35160
Color Black
Material Nylon Plastic

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